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2011 Bavarian Blast Lunch
2nd Annual Bavarian Blast Petanque Tournament
Sunday 16 September 2012

Format: Select/ Mêlée Doublette (either come with a partner or be paired at registration)

Tournament Registration ends at 9:30, Play begins at 10:00
$10.00 for Entry and Lunch
$7.00 for Entry only (in which case, bring your own lunch)
Lunch menu:
Grilled Bratwurst, Alsatian Sauerkraut, German Potato Salad 
Lunch reservations are required by Friday evening, September 14

Make your reservation with Carolina Jones
carolwjones@me.com or 925 367 6422
Cash Prizes for Concours and Consolante 

Details of the format:

We had in mind to do a Very Casual Select/Melee Doublette. That means either come with a partner or be paired at Registration. The Melee teams will be paired Experienced with Novice/Newbie as far as possible.

To make the day the most fun for everyone the format will be 3 games in the morning to do a ranking and then three or four games in the afternoon, splitting the rankings into two or three groups (depending on the number of entries on the day). This means that there will be no eliminations.  
Yesterday we had a visit from Carl and Linda of the Fresno Petanque Club and Teri of the Petaluma Valley Petanque Club. We played a some good games in the late afternoon. Such a pleasure having visitors on our Thursday play day.
Rosa was there being her usual welcoming, affable, leg-licking self.
On Sunday, 19 August 2012 the 
Lamorinda Petanque Club 
will be hosting the 
First Annual 
Lamorinda Cup Tournament. 

The format will be Mixed Doubles.

Entry fee $30:00 per Team 
Pre-registration is required

90% of the Tournament Fees going to prizes!

Registration closes at 9:30AM
Games begin at 10:00AM

Be the first to have your names on the 
Lamorinda Trophy