Welcome to Lamorinda Petanque Club

Petanque is a fun game that brings together all ages of both sexes. It started near Marseilles, France in 1907. It now has over 10 million players worldwide in 160 countries; over 2000 players are licensed in the USA.

We play casual games Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday at the Lamorinda Petanque Club located 480 St Marys Road, Lafayette, California. We usually start at 1 pm on Tuesday and Thursday. We play all day Sunday and organize a Sunday Club Mix Hours 2-4 pm as a chance to meet everybody.

The first Sunday of the month, we hold shooting/pointing clinics from 1 to 2 pm and strategy clinics at 4 pm.

How to play basics

Pétanque is played in two teams with two sets of differently marked balls (boules). You can play in teams of two (3 boules each); three (2 each) or one against one (3 each).

  1. Draw a circle on the ground 50cm in diameter.

  2. A player from team one stands in the circle and throws the jack (the small target ball) to land 20 to 33 feet from the circle, 3 feet away from any obstacle. Team one throws a first ball as close as possible to the jack, this is called pointing.

  3. A player from team two tries to get a ball closer and take the point. If successful the play returns to team one. If not, they continue to throw until they do.

  4. The team that does not have the point plays until either they get closer or they run out of balls. The other team then throws the rest of their balls.

  5. The team closest to the jack gets a point for each of their balls closer to the jack than the closest ball of the other team.

  6. The team that scored draws a new circle round the jack and throws it to start the next round.

Play ends when one team reaches 13 points.

The Official FPUSA rules can be found here

Sportsman-like behavior is expected

​Basic petanque techniques are illustrated here

Training Manual

Clinic with a pro: Marco Foyot clinic at Amelia Island in November 2021

Pointing Half Lob (demi-portée)

Pointing High Lob (portée, plombée)

Shooting in a tire

Shooting practice

High level Game: 2022 Amelia Island Final - Dylan Rocher (France) & Matthias Laukhart (Germany)