Welcome to Lamorinda Pétanque Club

Pétanque is a fun game that brings together people of all ages and both sexes. It is played with metal balls (boules in French, bocce in Italian).  Playing with balls started during the Roman conquest of Gaule. The balls were made out of clay, then wood, and finally steel. The first official club was in the "Clos Jouve" in Lyon around 1850. The Pétanque derivative was created by Jules Lenoir in La Ciotat, near Marseilles, France in 1907. Jules, who suffered from rheumatisms, drew a circle and played with "pé tanca", which means feet anchored to the ground in the occitan language. Petanque now has over 10 million players worldwide in 160 countries; over 2000 players are licensed in the USA.

Boule Game in 1850

Cafe Clos Jouve today

Boule Statue in Clos Jouve

 How to play basics

Pétanque is played in two teams with two sets of differently marked balls (boules). You can play in teams of two (3 boules each); three (2 each) or one against one (3 each).

Play ends when one team reaches 13 points.

The Official FPUSA rules can be found here

Sportsman-like behavior is expected

​Basic petanque techniques are illustrated here

Training Manual

Clinic with a pro: Marco Foyot clinic at Amelia Island in November 2021

Pointing Half Lob (demi-portée)

Pointing High Lob (portée, plombée)

Shooting in a tire

Shooting practice

High level Game: 2022 Amelia Island Final - Dylan Rocher (France) & Matthias Laukhart (Germany)