Past events

November 14, 2022, Amelia Island Open. Philippe Guerit/Serge Hanne & George/Elke Colliat competed in Concours B.

Beautiful final in Concours A.

Results of Concours A:

1. Dylan Rocher and Gian Carlo Lanfranco

2. Matthias Laukhart and Sanke Backens

3. Vincent Cosme and Yohan Doré

3. Stephane Robineau and Shuchi Verma

October 30, 2022, 28 double teams competed in the Halloween Lamorinda Cup Tournament. The club wishes to thank all the participants, our wonderful club volunteers, and friends and family who came out to encourage our players! Results


1. Barbara Hall & Mickey Coughlin

2. Peter Mathis & Holly Sammons

3. Ann Krilanovich & Michael Gemignani


1. Philippe Guerit & Eric Thibault

2. Brenden Cohen & Tim Peppel

Mickey Coughlin & Barbara Hall win the concours

Against Peter Mathis & Holly Sammons

Philippe Guerit & Eric Thibault win the consolante

May 29, 2022, Lamorinda Intra Club Tournament Results


  1. Noah & Gilbert

  2. Carolina & George

  3. Frazer & Lucas


  1. Carol & Joe

  2. Fleur & Philippe

Gilbert & Noah Sonet win the concours

against Carolina & George

Halloween 2021

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Lamorinda 2021 Club Tournament

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April 12, 2012 Petanque Tournament

April 12, 2012 petanque Tournament