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July 7th Northern California Regional Interclub Tournament

Past events

June 9, 2024 FPUSA Northern California Mixed Triple

Tournament Results



By Vang, Janice Bissonnette, Kham Chuonlamany win the Concours

Against Tom Lee , Suzie Lee, Yor Lee

Chan Xiong, Michelle Dang, Mone Lee place third

George Colliat, Elke Colliat, Gilbert Sonet win the Consolante

Against Sean Dagen, Carla Raffetto, Pascal Gravier 

June 2nd, 2024 Lamorinda Intra-club Founders Cup

Tournament Results



Serge Hanne & Antoine Lofaro

Michael Gibbs & Renee Rosado

Fleur Anderson & Sebastien Lofaro

Matt Hopkins & Carlos Cueto

April 7th, 2024 Funday Tournament

Funday Winners Carlos & Matt

Jan 28th, 2024 Annual Meeting & Chili Extravaganza

Introduction to New Board

President: Neil McGovern

Vice President: Betsy Hansen

Treasurer: Sheri Artis

Secretary: George Colliat

Board Member: Fleur Anderson

Board Member: Frazer Bradshaw

Board Member: Gilbert Sonet

2023 Accomplishments

Field Improvements

● Founder's Plaque for Marianne Gravier

● Permanently lined fields

● New benches

● New shed (donated by Pat Pralle)

● Peter Rabbit


● First "Founders' Cup"

● Hosted FPUSA qualifier

● Successful Lamorinda Cup


● Founder’s Day event and unveiling of

plaque for Marianne Gravier

● First “Funday Sunday”


● Improved information and tournament

sign up capabilities


● 99 total members

○ 62 men, 37 women

● 11 new members

Oct 29 2023 Lamorinda Cup

Tournament Results



Chan Xiang & Phomnick  Lee win the Concours 

against Tom Lee and Mone Lee

Paul Yang & Jer Thao place third

Beth & Carlos win the Consolante

Against Fleur & Brennan

June 2023 Founder's Lunch

May  28 2023 Intra-Club Founders Cup

Tournament results



Carol Noonan & Pascal Gravier win the Concours

Against Paulo Custred & Ken Stutz

Jackie & Pete Hackett win the Consolante

April 30th, 2023 Northern California Regional Mixed Triples

The club wishes to thank the participants of the sixteen teams,  club volunteers, and friends who came to encourage our players!  Results:


1. John Harris, Tish Harris, Phominik Lee

2. Ed Porto, Richard Bell, Lynn Bell

3. By Vang, Janice Bissonnette, Souliykham  Chounlamany (Kham)


1. Beth Lysten, Brennan O'Brien, Carlos Couto

2. Yor Lee, Tim Peppel, Suzie Lee

John Harris, Tish Harris, and Phominik Lee

Oakhurst Pétanque Club

win the Concours


 Ed Porto, Lynn Bell and Richard Bell

Petaluma Valley Pétanque Club

Carlos Couto, Beth Lysten, and Brennan O'Brien

Lamorinda Pétanque Club

 win the Consolante

Christmas 2022 Table

Christmas 2022 buffet

Lamorinda Christmas Lunch 

Lamorinda Christmas lunch

November 14, 2022, Amelia Island Open. 

Philippe Guerit/Serge Hanne & George/Elke Colliat competed in Concours B. 

Beautiful final in Concours A.

Results of Concours A:

1. Dylan Rocher and Gian Carlo Lanfranco

2.  Matthias Laukhart and Sanke Backens

3. Vincent Cosme and Yohan Doré

3.  Stephane Robineau and Shuchi Verma

October 30, 2022, 28 double teams competed in the Halloween Lamorinda Cup Tournament

 The club wishes to thank all the participants, our wonderful club volunteers, and friends and family who came out to encourage our players!  Results


1. Barbara Hall & Mickey Coughlin

2. Peter Mathis & Holly Sammons

3. Ann Krilanovich & Michael Gemignani


1. Philippe Guerit & Eric Thibault

2. Brenden Cohen & Tim Peppel

Mickey Coughlin & Barbara Hall win the concours

Against Peter Mathis & Holly Sammons

Philippe Guerit & Eric Thibault win the consolante

May  29, 2022, Lamorinda Intra Club Tournament Results



Gilbert & Noah Sonet win the concours

against Carolina & George